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Homeowners insurance covers your home, permanently attached, accessories, garden walls, doors, railings, pool and personal belongings. This policy protects certain types of incidents and events that occur home. The most common species are fire, theft and vandalism. If they cannot stay at home because of the damage caused by an accident, and insurance are also additional costs, such as hotel expenses. It also provides liability protection. Ideally, it should be the size of the coverage will be sufficient to replace the homes and property of your store, and also cover its obligations. If you stay in a flood or earthquake risk area, you must purchase a separate flood insurance/ earthquake because the owner usually does not cover floods and earthquakes.
Usually reflects your personal property coverage of 50% of the insurance on your home coverage. You can increase or decrease, depending on state requirements. I can download the premium on the house? Your insurance company increases your deductible.
If you are involved in a car accident and found to be driving without auto insurance or proof of insurance subject to specific laws of your state sanctions. This can include a fine or even the loss of driving privileges. If you do not have insurance and accident damage to property or injury to people, you will be asked to pay for the expense of the damages assessed by the court.
There are two main types of life insurance. Insurance pays in the long amount in case of death of the owner during the period consistent policy. The insurance provides life amount of the fees to dependents if the policy holder dies during the period of validity of the document, but if the policyholder is alive to the maturity period, then, he or she will receive the payment.
The outstanding amount depends on the risk to the insurance company level the price you pay for life insurance depends primarily on your age, health, lifestyle and occupation. So if you are older, you have health problems, smoke , or work in a dangerous environment, you will have to pay more for life insurance than younger people, healthy, non- smoker and the occupation's low risk.
Are usually not subject to income tax However, they may be subject to estate taxes. Please consult your financial advisor. You still have a question? Call us now! E-mail: admin@insurancepolicypro.com https:// insurancepolicypro.com P. O. Box MB.659, Ministries, Accra Central, Accra Ghana.


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